Decor Doesn’t Come Easy

What a difficult weekend for Decor Hunt. I think the snowbirds just came in for a landing and swooped up all my great finds. Well, almost! I managed to salvage a few great pieces for you to start bidding on, by clicking here!


A beautiful frosted Libbey glassware set, with the caddy. This is a great set for the entertainer, or simply to show off your classic vintage taste by proudly serving your southern sweet tea to your guests!


I’m sure with this piece, we are bound to pull up our favorite chair, and plop those aching feet in comfort, sipping our favorite cocktails, unwinding from our hard days work.


Lets not forget about that ambiance. A nicely mood lit room will be most helpful, especially with this wood, glass and lead candle holder.


If all else fails, lets just enjoy our favorite glass of wine. The perfect mood enhancer, all proudly displayed in this handcrafted 11 bottle holder. Perfect for the wine lover with Devine taste for an array of flavors.

I know what my favorite piece is, what’s yours?

I showed them snowbirds up! Ha!



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