Grow your decor…

This is simply an introduction of how we plan to operate. (Operative word, “Plan”)  We will develop new ideas, strategies, and designs over time.  For the time being, I would like to share with you my goals and a visual perspective on some simple inexpensive collections I have managed to put together on my low budget.  This is how we would like to present our decor hunts, and share ideas with you.  As well, my blog, Twitter, and Facebook updates will help streamline my communications, for your convenience.  We hope that many of you have shared our links and enjoy what we have up-and-coming.

This is how it works…

We were able to present to you about a week ago our Asian Orange set of decor, that was assembled through

Asian Orange

our first Decor Hunt.  As you can see to the right, very simple.  This set originally included the five items shown.  Now, our goal is to continue to Hunt for additional accessories that match this set and provide influence to show off its full potential of a complete decor set.  We will enjoy sharing ideas and suggestions along the way of each of our decor sets growth.  Of course, we would not want to bombard you with emails, and updates of each set as they are assembled, but will have a page listed at for each of our designs, and their progression as it builds from week to week, with our new finds.   We will have available on the website a “Buy Now” button available for anyone that may be interested in any individual set.  Please note, only one set is available of each decor, unless otherwise noted.  This set originally, as seen above, is listed at $20, with free shipping.

Now see it grow…

Adding a few items here and there really can influence a design and change the characteristics of the

Asian Orange 2

decor, even so with the layout seen here.  We are starting to create height, and depth in the image with this very small expansion.  This is just by adding two items, the picture frame, and clear glass vase.  Just imagine if we had placement with furniture, and plants to break up the coloring and bring the set to life.  However, we plan to introduce at this time small pieces of furniture, and larger pieces when our growth really starts to catch on.  As for now, we are focusing our energy on smaller pieces that are transportable, and that we can easily store in a small warehouse.  As new items are introduced some items may diminish, and appear in other design sets.  This all depends on the growth of the design, and what items are available through the Decor Hunts.  With the additional two items here, we have an asking price of $27.00, with free shipping for the entire set of seven.  As you can imagine, the larger the set the more the price increases, naturally.

We are happy to ship anywhere within the United States, and will note if there is an additional charge for shipping.  Our goal is not to over charge but cover any operating costs and time finding these selections of items.  Items may have minor imperfections, which we have found ways to work with, and will fully disclose all this information with the buyer, before they purchase.  Please note, these are second hand, thrift, consignment, hand-me-downs, that we are re-working to create an affordable “green-like” environment that shows off your individual characteristics.

What we encourage…

We encourage your input.  We want to hunt for products that fit your individual liking.  If you have been searching for the perfect piece of decor, and have had no luck, we want to hear from you!  Our Design / Decorating Team is excellent in seeking items out, as we have an entire network of Designers and Stores that carry 100s of 1,000s of items, with an ever changing selection each day.  You are not obligated to buy!  We simply present to you the items you are seeking or similar, and you can decide if it is the right piece at the right price!  If you simply say no, we have no hard feelings as it helps us with our inspiration for our next design.

Please feel free to share any comments and / or questions you may have with us at

We hope you enjoyed this posting, and will continue to follow us as we grow.



4 thoughts on “Grow your decor…

  1. I need to start with a new color for the living room. I really like sage but need 2 colors. What color would go good with a sage green and would I put it above the chair rail or below? Thanks

    1. Thank you for your interest in and our services. We are happy to help assist you via internet with your decorating and design choices. Although, we are limited with our service via the internet that we may provide you, we are able to offer our advise and other recommendations regarding your decor. Our best recommendations are that you send us an image of your space via email at, and we would be happy to offer you choices regarding your design.

      When painting a chair rail, we recommend that you use the heavy/darker color on the lower portion. If you are using a sage green, we can recommend an eggshell color with a light green hue for the upper portion of the chair rail. This will give your home a nice antique feel, and will help keep your color tones matching. If you have a specific color that you have already selected, you may always send us the color code, and paint supplier, so we can research and match accordingly any recommended colors. We prefer that you use Sherwin Williams as a paint selection, to ease our search of those color choices.

      We look forward to assisting you further with any inspiration, or decor pieces you are seeking.

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